DG Touch by Leona

The creative touch behind DG Touch by Leona is a lifelong artist by the name of Leona Kabir, currently residing in the beautiful city of Calgary.

Leona remembers picking up a paintbrush, way before she remembers picking up a pen. And since the first time she picked up a camera at the tender age of 8, way back when point-and-shoot cameras were still a thing, she doesn’t remember ever putting down a camera until she has photographed the same subject at least 20 times and from 20 different angles. When Leona was introduced to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign in high school, she found herself creating for hours, losing track of time while exploring and experimenting in her passion, art and design.

DG Touch by Leona was created to give Leona the opportunity to help small business owners. She has always valued helping others in any way possible. DG Touch by Leona was also formed for small business owners like yourself, to benefit from the creative touch and expertise of a lifelong artist, Leona Kabir.

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